Prime treatments in Kalari chikitsa, Ayurveda and Panchakarma
Relaxation Massage (Abhyangam) 24 34 1500
Relaxation massage with Steam bath 28 39 1750
Rejuvenation Massage 28 39 1750
Powder Massage (Udwarthanam) 24 34 1500
Neck and Shoulder Massage 11 16 700
Back Massage
10 14 600
Head Massage 8 12 500
Face Massage 7 9 400
Massage to Feet 8 12 500
Kalari Massage (Massage with Feet) 47 67 3000
Kalari Massage (Massage with Hand) 40 56 2500
Chakra Massage 40 56 2500
Pizhichil 40 56 2500
Medicated Steam bath 10 14 600
Mukhalepam (Herbal face pack) 10 14 600
Sareera Lepam (Herbal body pack) 28 39 1750
Thaila Dhara 29 40 1800
Thakra Dhara 18 25 1100
Ksheera Dhara 24 34 1500
Dhanyamla Dhara 24 34 1500
Sirodhara 19 27 1200
Akshidhara 18 26 1150
Sirovasthy 24 34 1500
Kadivasthy 18 25 1100
Urovasthy 18 25 1100
Greeva Vasthy 13 18 770
Nasyam 7 9 400
Snehavasthi 9 13 550
Kashayavasthi 21 29 1300
Janu Vasthi 18 25 1100
Njavarakizhi (full body) 47 67 3000
Tharpanam 11 16 700
Elakizhi (Part of body) 13 18 800
Podikizhi (Part of body) 13 18 800
Kadikizhi (Part of body) 13 18 800
Vamanam 10 14 600
Virechanam 10 14 600
Thalapothichil 13 18 800
Thalam 10 14 600
Dhoopanam 10 14 600
Snehapanam (3 days) 13 18 800
Abhyangasnana (A-bang-ga-sna-na)

In Ayurveda massaging the body with medicated herbal oils, is advised as a part of daily life. Abhyangam increase immunity, providing energy and nourishment to the entire body. A daily massage takes away physical and mental fatigue improves eyesight and circulation of vital life fluids that in turn increases stamina and vitality. Abhyangam relaxes the body easing of its tensions and has been found to be a cure for insomnia. This massage removes dryness leaving skin smooth and shining.
Duration: 45-60 minutes

Kalari Massage

In this massage varying degrees of pressure with the toes or the feet are applied to certain points of the body while holding onto a suspended rope for support by two therapists in a synchronized manner. These pressure points help to stimulate blood circulation and help to revitalize nerve endings and muscles. It gives you a feeling of well-being as it improves blood circulation and clears the body of toxins. This massage is beneficial for those who are involved with martial arts and classical dance.

Udvarthanam (U-waarth-tanam)

This is a massage with special herbal powders that reduces excess fat creating a vibrant complexion and healthy skin. This also prevents and reduces wrinkles, cures dryness of the skin and helps to cure diseases caused by the accumulation of metabolic wastes, due to the improper functioning of the sweat glands. This massage makes the body firmer and is helpful in reducing excessive perspiration and discoloration of the skin and makes the body firmer and tighter.


An assortment of medical leaves are cooked in medicated herbal oils, packed into bags that are made warm and applied all over the body .This technique improves the strength of the muscles, relieving body pain, numbness and shivering. This massage helps in lubricating joints, improving skin complexions and helps to relax the body by expelling toxins through perspiration. This treatment is highly recommended for arthritis, paralysis, convulsions and relieves pain in lower backaches, cervical, spondilitis and sciatica.

Shirodhara (Shi-ro-dara)

Shirodhara involves a steady stream of warm medicated herbal oil on the forehead while lying on a flat surface with the head back. The oil is poured very slowly for 30-45 minutes followed by a gentle scalp massage. Dhara is done in absolute silence and helps you to relax and helps you to create a balanced state of rest on the mind and the body. The massages helps to relieve recommended for hypertensions, asthma and hair problems.

Thakra Dhara (tha-kra-dara)

Similar treatment as Shirodhara, this massage uses medicated butter milk that is recommended for hair and scalp ailments.

Pizhichil (Pi-zi-chil)

In Pizhichil lukewarm medicated oil dipped in pieces of cloth and squeezed by hand are poured continually and uniformly over the body from a defined height and simultaneously massaged by skillful hands. This treatment increases blood circulation, nourishes muscles and the nerve tissues. This massage is helpful for rejuvenation.

Ksheera Dhara (cheer-ra-dara)

Ksheera Dhara is one of the important treatments among Kerala special therapies. It is a process by which the body is made to perspire by means of pouring warm medicated milk with a special vessel from a certain height and is rubbed into the body in two positions.

Njavarakkizhi (Na-vara-kiri)

In Navarakkizhi a special type of rice called Navara is cooked with herbs and cows milk. A bag containing medicated rice is dipped in this and made warm. It is gently massaged on the body till all the medicated rice is applied on the body. Navarakkizhi improves blood supply by cleansing the channels of circulation expelling metabolic waste. It promotes digestion, nourishes the muscles and the body increases immunity. Navarakkizhi promotes sharpness of vision and helps to cure diseases of nervous system, osteo-arthritis and any other ailment that is caused by the blood. Navarakkizhi slows the aging process and gives you a sense of rejuvenation.

Katee vasthi (Ka-tee-va-sti)

An embankment of about made on the lumbar region of the person and oil is maintained in it for particular time. This medicated oil therapy is for lower back aches and spinal disorders.

Urovasthi (uro-va-sti)

An embankment of about made on the chest region of the person and oil is maintained in it for particular time. This medicated oil therapy recommended for muscular chest pain and asthma.


Lepam is spreading of thick herbal paste on any afflicted area of the body. The paste is a blend of many potential herbs, spices, juice of leaves and buttermilk.

Netra sekam (netra-se-kam)

Eye washed with special herbal decoction for better vision and protection from cataract and other disorders.

Netra tharpanam (Netra-thara- pe- nam)

Warm, medicated ghee eye bath is applied to cool, relieve eye strain & strengthen the optic nerves.

Medicated Steam Bath

In this procedure medicated steam is introduced in to a wooden cabin for 10 – 20 mts. Which helps to dilate the minute channels of the body in order to cleanse the body.
Duration: 10-20 minutes

Mukha Lepam

This is facial treatment with herbal paste and is very effective for wrinkles, tanning, black heads etc;


This is herbal powder massage which is primarily used in the treatment of obesity and kapha vitiated condition. In this procedure warm herbal powders are paalied by two therapists in a peculiar way ( opposite to the direction of Body hair" pratiloma ) on the body for about 30 -40 mts. Daily for a period of 7 – 14 days. It's effective in reducing the body weight , increases metabolic rate, gives stability, strength ,better skin luster etc.


An assortment of herbal leaves are chopped and cooked in herbal oils and then packed in muslin bags, which are again dipped in lukewarm medicated oils and applied throughout the body. This is done for 45 mts. Daily for a period of 7 – 14 days or as prescribed by the doctor. This treatment is very effective for osteoarthritis ,spondylosis , sports injuries ,paralysis, convulsions, low back pain, cervical spondilytis, sciatica etc.

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